This morning there was an article on my Facebook feed about clairaudience, which is the psychic ability to hear things that are not of earthly origin. The author’s point that stood out to me in this article was that if you wake up with a song stuck in your head, that is your subconscious’s way of sending you a message. Although I am a big believer in many types of psychic phenomena, I don’t even think that getting a song stuck being a message from your subconscious has to be paranormal. Your brain could organically be telling you something, right?

Today my brain is playing, on a constant loop, the line in the execrable song “Scar Tissue” that goes “with the birds I share this lonely view,” by the butt rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Sad trombone.

I’m not sure I’m lonely, but one way I’ve combated loneliness in the past is to write a blog post. I’ll do anything if it means I can get this song out of my head without having to listen to it.

The funny thing is, as much as I hate both reading and writing the “sorry I haven’t written lately” type of blog post, my 12 year old son has out of the blue been getting on to me about not writing often enough. He’s autistic, which means he either doesn’t notice what I’m doing or he’s REALLY focused on it, depending on which way the wind is blowing that day, and he is REALLY intent on being the manager for this blog right now. This means I’m supposed to be doing a post every Friday, and I have to do special events, and I really should be writing about more comedies, and sometime in the next two weeks there will be something called a “collab” between him and me involving the Home Alone series. Also, he has holiday posts for me to do in December, and they have nothing to do with Christmas.

So in an effort to get that song out of my head, and to please my manager because today is Friday, I looked at the handy dandy list of movies I have watched which I started on October 30 (because fuck New Year’s resolutions; let’s make Halloween Eve ones instead) and I found a horror comedy called Billy Club.

I knew Billy Club was perfect for me when I found the synopsis on the Screambox channel, because I like horror comedies, and I LOVE baseball. A psycho killer in a catcher’s mask is killing the now grown up teammates on a little league team from the 80s, and this is set in the 90s so they’re all still young and hot and not the type of 40ish idiots who get Red Hot Chili Peppers songs stuck in their heads. Hell, they probably rocked out 90s style to the Peppers while rolling around in the mud at a Lollapalooza fairly recently in the film’s timeline, and even dropped some real acid and not research chemicals that make you eat people’s faces! We all know that good horror is about seeing attractive people die and not yucky aging people.

But wait, what if their faces are not eaten, but bashed in with a bat covered in nails? That would be really funny! Well, no, it’s not funny, but the situation is, and the smartass characters have some great dialogue. I quite liked the accusatory line “you’re two dirty little peas in a dirty little pod” which was said by the actor who was also the writer of the film, a man who naturally wrote himself the funnest character with the best lines. Actually there was one scene I found rather disturbing, and it had to do with internalized homophobia and not death by baseball at all. But I hate to see people fake embarrassed much much muchly much more than I hate to see them fake movie killed, so if you like the cringe you might think it’s a funny scene. And there was a trip to be taken, but it was on mushrooms and not acid. I always thought dying while tripping would be the absolute worst. You could make a whole movie about that, and please make it better than the 2007 movie Shrooms, and I’d watch the shit out of it.

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie a lot, and so did my husband, and we almost never agree on a movie that was made after 1999, so that’s something. Billy Club hits you with many awesome and inventive disgusting death scenes, and the pace is fast enough. I did figure out who the killer was right at the beginning but I didn’t guess the twist. Don’t be mad because I said there’s a twist. There’s younger hot people as promised, and then there’s a guest appearance (can you have a guest star in a movie?) by a guy who always plays assholes, and they really could have done more with his part, but it’s cool. I’d watch this again, and I’d seek out more stuff from the same writer.