Possible IMDb alternative at MovieChat.org?

The upcoming loss of the IMDb boards has had me feeling like a kid who is watching their best friend’s family packing a big moving truck to relocate to the other side of the┬ácountry. I go on those boards every time I watch a movie, to clarify something or to find out if someone else noticed something I noticed. I didn’t post much, but I read them voraciously. I have felt lost knowing they were going away.

But for now, if enough people come on board, it seems there will be a new alternative. MovieChat.org has magically copied the content of the individual boards from the top 10,000 movies on IMDb. If that doesn’t sound like a lot of movies, considering the sheer amount of movies that exist, I have dug deep enough to find that this includes crappy direct-to-video action movies, and you know those stinkers are ranking around #9,000. So there’s lots of good discussion that’s in the 8,999 movies above that level. They’ve also got pages for individual actors, although some of the b-actors’ discussions didn’t move. So we will have to start new threads to say that so and so totally looks like some dead golden age star and maybe there’s an illuminati cloning conspiracy in Hollywood. (Paul’s dead, y’all.) We also need to get going on the top 100 things learned from watching R.O.T.O.R.!

For now, you just go to the main page and search at the top for the movie whose plot point you missed and there should be a board. There’s also a general board here. The best part is that if you get in early you can pick a good username!