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For as long as I have been aware of Key and Peele I have been loudly complaining every time I see them play a supporting role in a film, because they have deserved their own starring roles in a film the whole time. And now that film is here, and while it is not as funny as their best sketches, it is still incredibly endearing to see them do their “look what nerds we are” shtick on the big screen. TV shows always get diluted when they come to the theater because they have to please a wider audience, and this is no exception. But Keanu is better than I ever dreamed it could be, and is not at all a disappointment despite the efforts to cast a wider net.

I hate to say much about Keanu since it is still in theaters, but if you aren’t aware of the storyline it is this: Jordan Peele’s character got over a breakup when he found a muse in the cutest kitten in the world, but the kitten has been stolen, and Peele along with his cousin (Keegan-Michael Key, of course) has to pretend to be a hardass gangster in order to get the kitty back. There is a hallucinogen-induced dream sequence and some ironic appreciation of 80s music, and those two elements would be enough to please me even if I wasn’t already a huge fan of Key and Peele. I also thought I could not love the 80s star whose music was used any more than I already do, being a woman who was of the age his music targeted when it was new, but knowing he lent not only his tunes but a clip from one of his videos to Keanu makes me love him even more. Unironically.

Please go see Keanu so Key and Peele will get to make more movies! It’s got backflips, boobs, stoners, a car chase, the Rock-afire Explosion, the most cutest kitty ever, and maybe even zombies!