Seeing unexpected moments of dubious quality is part of being a horror fan. I’m not talking about shocking moments like finding out the killer’s identity in Psycho, or the hallway decapitation in Exorcist 3. I’m talking about WTF moments like a really ridiculous and un-scary death, or an extra goofy character. And since many horror films are pretty bad, I’ve learned to seek out the ridiculous and goofy parts while waiting for the few truly shocking-in-a-good-way moments to come along. Because the worst thing is not a movie that’s bad, but one that’s mediocre.

I started to make this into a list, but I thought it would be more fun to make it a series. It will give me time to look for new silly things to point out. Today’s post comes from a 1981 film called See No Evil. The main character is an antichrist or Damien type character, only he isn’t bent so much on political world domination as he is on dominating the bullies at his high school. One of those bullies is the good old 1980s walking cliche of the hardass gym coach. In this scene, the spawn of Satan is angry at the coach because he makes him do pushups, but does he kill the coach? No, he gets demon eyes, and then psychically makes the coach kill another student by throwing a dodgeball too hard. This is a truly WTF moment in an otherwise almost forgettable movie, so I invite you to enjoy what may be the only cinematic example of death by dodgeball.