Set in the “American frontier,” Eyes of Fire opens with a group of young girls trying to explain to a nosy French guy how they managed to end up in a French occupied part of the continent. The rest of the movie is a flashback. The narrator’s dad was off on a really long hunting trip and her mom couldn’t wait any longer to get fur trapped so she took up with a slimy preacher. Right as the philanderers were about to be executed by the moral majority, the local eccentric woman made the rope around the preacher’s neck break with her mind. So then what’s left of the flock run off from the buzzkills who just don’t understand LOVE, end up getting attacked by Indians, and nekkid mud ghosts come after them accompanied by the guy from behind the diner in Mulholland Drive. Faces pop out of trees and there’s a creepy little kid. What more could you ask for?

I know I’m being silly, but I’m trying to be brief in order to leave out spoilers because I hope you watch this! It’s on Shudder/AMC+ and I highly recommend it. Eyes of Fire is disturbing, fascinating, and probably an influence on everyone from David Lynch to Black Phillip. I’m also pretty sure the actor who played the preacher was also cast as on the X-Files because of this movie. I don’t normally like movies told entirely in flashback OR movies about religious fanatics in the dirty, cold, no-electricity-having past, but this rocks.