Synopsis: Peter, a young, long-haired playboy in a country that sure is in Europe, is on vacation with friends when he spies a naked woman beckoning him from atop a waterfall. He takes a picture of her, but when he goes to have it developed she isn’t in the picture. Peter’s sister Elena is a nun living in Africa, and we are told by her mother in one of the film’s few exposition scenes that he mourned as if he lost something when Elena became a nun.

Soon the woman from the waterfall appears in Peter’s room asking her to kill him, but when he does, it causes his girlfriend to die on the dance floor, miles away, with no one even touching her, in the same manner the demon woman was killed. Now that’s kind of intriguing! But nothing like it happens again. The demon starts tormenting Peter’s mother in ways that are very familiar to viewers of The Exorcist. More death and Peter’s possession (and medical tests, and levitating bed) bring Elena home at last to Peter. But who is The Possessor, and why is she doing this to these siblings?

There’s a creepy little story here that could have been told if not for having to poorly recreate scenes from The Exorcist except now make some of ’em nude scenes. Peter sees visions of a black mass and an orgy, and we think it’s a flashback, but from when? There are flashbacks of Elena in a mental institution that look like Super 8 stock footage from a Mondo movie about women in prison; unfortunately, we’re not told why she was committed. It is heavily implied that there is reincarnation, a curse, punishment for past sins, flashbacks in flashbacks.

If we could have seen what visions Pazuzu showed to Regan to make her throw Burke down the stairs in the original film, would that not have been an even more terrifying story? They try to get that part right with Peter, but the original story the visions are trying to tell is less important than the inserts of orgy scenes. Pale naked people who look like they smell, wrestling in a cave. We only get a quasi-explanation near the end of the film by a priest reading (conveniently he moves his lips when he reads) from a book. At least the orgy music theme song is groovy.

The end of the movie did its horror movie job in that it left me feeling kind of freaked out and sad, but that could be attributed to the bloody and depressing modern English possession flick I watched before I watched The Possessor, again thanks to Roku’s search function distracting me. There’s a nice gotcha at the end of The Possessor with the new victim being named Paul instead of Peter. I did like The Possessor enough to watch it twice to figure out what the hell was going on. If you look for this on Tubi, it’s called Return of The Exorcist. I titled the review The Possessor because that’s what’s on my DVD, which I am selling.

I don’t like nunsploitation as a general rule, unless it’s Robbie Coltrane and Eric Idle in Nuns on the Run. But I do like Exorcist ripoffs! Beyond the Door, The Night Child, and Demon Witch Child provide minutes of entertainment! Do you like them, and do you have a favorite?

Let me give you my standard PSA to remind horror fans as well as people living in horror movies that a naked woman is never going to materialize and try to seduce you. Also, people who can’t be photographed are not people. Finally, don’t make a habit of undoing the straps.

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