As a liberal Christian, I don’t think there can ever be enough exploitation movies that point out the problems in society, and anyone who ever had a heart knows a lot of those problems begin and end with the church. Even if I was accepted into divinity school (which I won’t be because they check your credit) I would continue to preach the social justice merits of the exploitation movie. Is this a nauseating movie that calls out modern-day Pharisees, or just an excuse to show a lot of effects where people get body parts bitten off? Doesn’t matter. The only trouble is that the people who need to see this movie and all the others like it won’t watch it. However, some of their kids will, if only to piss off their parents, and that still gets the idea out there. This is the idea of Jesus calling sinners to do his work in the world taken to the extreme.

Anyway, on to the synopsis. There is a group of excommunicated ghostbuster exorcists who work for the Catholic church. They practice sinning enough to be damned to hell in case they can’t get a demon out of someone, so they can ask the demon to come into them and then commit suicide, taking the demon to hell. Appropriately for a group of proud sinners, they have the name Augustine in their title. It’s supposed to be a comedy, but it got more of an “I am familiar with that reference” reaction from me rather than laughter. For example, there’s a character who comes from the mainstream church to shut down the group, and he’s actually named William Atherton, in case you didn’t believe that this is an unofficial Ghostbusters sequel. It’s a stomach-turning movie, with lots of references to sexual sins (in the context of the film, not sins in my opinion) being committed by people you don’t want to imagine doing that, and even more of the aforementioned dismemberment by teeth. But I kept watching til the end to see how they would defeat Satan in the form of an Old God, and the cast is good. Who doesn’t love Clancy Brown and Dan Fogler, and have you even made a horror movie in this century until Larry Fessenden shows up?

Simultaneously recommended for everyone and not recommended for anyone. And left open for a sequel!