Today’s movie I cannot recommend enough. You should probably stop reading this and go watch it right now, because the whole thing’s on YouTube. It’s not as satisfying or deeply disturbing as Noroi, but in a fun popcorn movie way it is one of the better J-horror films made after the whole J-horror craze ended. And it makes sense that it would be, because this was made by the same director as Premonition, which was part of the series that included Reincarnation and Infection, and was made to be distributed overseas. Basically, director Norio Tsuruta? This guy horrors.

Two schoolgirl actresses go to the studio to film an interview in which they both watch YouTube type ghost videos. Mirai is the host, and her classmate Haruna is her guest. It comes out that Haruna used to like to do paranormal investigations when she was in middle school, and that her school was haunted. The problem is, the videos that we watch them watching aren’t the videos that were chosen for them by the over-the-top angry director. No one knows where these came from, and soon enough there are anomalies on the making-of video of the show. The producer is hiding something, and Haruna may be possessed. And you haven’t seen anything yet, because the bulk of the film happens later, when the whole group goes back to Haruna’s school.

Don’t try to keep track of who is filming what, because you’ll get confused. Just sit back and enjoy being scared. It’s not really jump scares most of the time, and most of the movie avoids the annoying found footage cliches in general. No one is really hateful, other than the yelling director. And the film doesn’t end with the end of the mockumentary, but goes on for another layer. It’s not just another schoolgirl ghost anti-bullying film in the vein of Whispering Corridors, but something much weirder. You will think it’s one of those films, but then it turns into something like Demons meets Ghostwatch in Japan. Very cool. If I had any complaint, it’s that nothing really happens to the most unsympathetic character. But all the weirdness more than makes up for that. Just check it out. And keep watching after the first and second credit sequences.

Apparently, it’s also known as The Perspective, which is a title I like better. You can see it as The Perspective in five parts, because as P.O.V. with the full movie in one file the subs don’t work. But if you understand Japanese, then you’re good with the full one.