A guy named John, who looks like Sting, buys a house with a nasty history so he can advertise for a bunch of all-female roommates. The house has a pool and a creepy red herring of a gardener. But this is not the main plot of the story, even though the women who move in with John wear lingerie most of the time. The real plot is that there is a psycho psychic killer on the loose who can kill people with their mind. Also, John is learning to unlock his psychic powers.

It sounds completely ridiculous because it is. The main character, John, is played by the director, and the female lead is his wife Kalassu in real life, and they claim this was supposed to be a comedy, just like The Room. I don’t know if it is what they intended, but Boardinghouse certainly is very entertaining, and in a way that makes you laugh with rather than at it. So I’m going to guess that they did know they were making a goofy movie. And I love them for it. Kalassu is very charming in the role of an actress/singer/budding psychic and I actually enjoy her songs that were used in the movie.

I’m going to make this a quick review today because I’m heading out to choir practice and it’s going to be a long one because we have to audition for solos in the Christmas cantata. So I’ll just end with a fun fact and a warning. Fun fact: Boardinghouse was the first shot on video movie, and it was then converted to 35 mm to be shown in theaters. And the warning: a kitten actor is killed in this movie. The kitten was not really harmed, of course, but it’s always kind to warn people about pets being victims in horror movies.