The month I wrote this was probably the busiest I ever was as a blogger, covering 80s horror during the month of Halloween. That should tell me that I should concentrate on the 80s going forward. I need some inspiration to get motivated writing my articles again, so I’m going to re-share this. That video of Verger Declan going apeshit is what I watch whenever I need a little pick-me-up….you should try it!

Seven Doors of Cinema

Horror movies of the monster variety are made of cheese. They are. It might be $3,200 a platter Swedish moose cheese, it might be an ordinary person’s splurge on Brie, it might be those cheese cubes you buy for parties but never for personal consumption, or it might be Velveeta, but it’s all still cheese. Occasionally you get one that makes you feel a bit more for the characters than “yeehaw, these bitches’ heads are coming off” but that’s usually because there’s a woobie character like Lon Chaney Jr.’s Larry Talbot in The Wolf Man. Well, Rawhead Rex is no woobie, and I’d rank this cheese about the level of queso that you dip your chips in at the local Mexican place.

Somehow, without the filmmaker being inept, Rawhead Rex comes off like a parody of a monster movie. I’m pretty sure they were playing it straight, but there’s…

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