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Some cops have a grisly car crash while transporting a dangerous prisoner, who of course escapes and goes back to murdering people willy nilly. Serial killer horror movies make it seem like the car crash escape happens all the time, but I wonder how often it happens in real life! Meanwhile, in another movie, a rogue lady cop suffers from flashbacks about her mother’s stabbing death twenty years before. Eventually the crazy killer and the lady cop will meet, although not under the circumstances you might think.

I am certain Creep is not intended to be a serious horror movie. When the killer, Angus, stumbles into a church and finds a scruffy drunk guy in there, the drunk guy is played by Asbestos Felt, who also starred in director Tim Ritter’s Killing Spree and who seems to be playing the same character, “guy who laughs for no reason.” Felt asks Angus if he wants to play Truth or Dare, the title of a series of Ritter movies. Angus also has some darkly comedic interactions with victims, such as the guy in the pawn shop he robs. The cop, Jackie, catches a creepy old lady putting poison in baby food and makes her eat it. She also walks in on her estranged boyfriend in the tub with a hooker, and some amusing dialogue is uttered. Angus and his sister dig up their abusive mother’s skeleton and make out on it.

Yep, Angus and his sister. That’s not even the only incest subplot in Creep. And Flowers in the Attic this ain’t! This is not gothic horror, but rather Florida sleaze shot-on-video, filled with people who remind me of the unfortunate folks who star in the “Florida Man” crime stories you read on weird news aggregators every day. Also, the unlikely ending shot of the movie is obviously re-purposed from news footage, and it makes little sense compared to the rest of the movie.

I have no doubt that this is someone’s favorite cult film. Creep is over the top, and I’m writing about it for the same reason someone smells something bad and then makes you smell it to confirm that yes, it stinks. I will admit that Tim Ritter’s Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness might be the best terrible shot-on-video horror of the 80s. But Creep is every reason Bugs Bunny keeps sawing the whole state of Florida off the continent.