Just a quick blurb today to keep the October momentum going. This truly twisted tale of heartbreak and revenge begins with a couple who really shouldn’t be getting married. The bride admits that she’s a little crazy and only interested in the house her dad is building them, and the groom is an asshole who cheats on her at their wedding reception. After catching her brand new husband banging someone else right after the wedding, the bride disappears, but is she really gone? Who is playing the increasingly weird pranks on the dickhead groom? It all builds to a conclusion that actually disturbed and shocked me despite the low budget and simple plot. There’s a regular old murder, but also the supernatural makes an appearance. What adds to the creep factor is that the music starts out all 70s la-la bubblegum and ends up with crazy tympani noises. You know someone is in trouble when you’re watching a horror movie and you hear tympani!

I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that my dad gave me one piece of dating advice when I was young, and it was this: if someone says they can’t live without you, get away from them, because they’ll take you with them. Also, when I think of the weird house that the bride designed for herself, I think about how when you dream about a house it’s supposed to represent your mind, and her house definitely does. Luckily for you, you can experience the whole thing safely on YouTube.