I think this is the first time I’ve gotten one of these awards since I moved the blog to a new address last year, but then again, I think I’ve been more active on the blog in the last month than I was all last year. I received this recognition from Thoughts All Sorts, who I found this past weekend via the O Canada Blogathon, and whose review of The Grand Seduction convinced me to take a break from binging on Unsolved Mysteries on Amazon Prime immediately and go on over to the Netflix and watch that modern Canadian Local Hero starring Brendan Gleeson.

Not actually about a seduction at all.

Not actually about a seduction at all.

The Mystery Blogger Award was started by a blogger named Okoto Enigma and actually has nothing to do with people blogging about mysteries, so if I mention your blog and you’re not mysterious don’t be confused. Like all these blog award thingies, it’s just a nice way of linking to blogs you’d like to draw attention to.

I chose all Blogspot blogs to highlight because I have a bad habit of reading mostly WordPress blogs (the WordPress reader is fabulous) and I wondered if I might not be the only one. And so the three sites I’d like to recommend are:

Cinematic Catharsis – I recently enjoyed his article on 80s mannequin horror Pin which I also found through the O Canada Blogathon.

At the Mansion of Madness – My favorite blog on the subject of Italian horror.

Wide Weird World of Cult Films – I’m biased towards this blog because I’m married to the idiot who writes it.


Thoughts All Sorts has five questions for those who accept the award.

  1. What do you prefer…the smell of freshly baked bread or freshly mowed grass/lawn? I would have to say bread, because I like to eat and I can’t eat grass.
  2. If you could delve into the life of one book and live it as if you were a character in it (not necessarily the main one)…i.e. if the world of a book could be visited, which book would it be? (Ahhh…I can “see” this so clearly in my mind…hard to explain) Definitely the road trip epic Blue Highways. It is a nonfiction book about a trip a guy look in the late 70s and I would have liked to have seen the backroads of America as an adult at that time.
  3. Are you a good cuppa tea or perfectly brewed coffee person? I prefer tea. But I don’t drink it hot, I pour it over ice because I’m southern. I love to throw two green tea bags in the coffee maker with a tumbler of water, then a couple of tablespoons of honey, and ice the whole thing. The part where you sweeten it before you ice it is the most important part. First I drink the tea, then I do the things.
  4. Most unusual food you have eaten (by your standards)? One night in college some friends and I got the idea to make hors d’oeuvres that consisted of a piece of candy corn on top of a Cheez-It.
  5. Silly/weird question: Take your current state of mind – if you had to pick a piece of music to represent where you are right now…what would it be? I just found out the name of this piece of music today after hearing it in cartoons my whole life, usually when someone is sneaking up on someone else. So I’m going to share with you. You know it, but you may not know it’s called: “Mysterioso Pizzicato.”


The last part of this article is supposed to be a link to my best blog post. I don’t know if it’s the best, but the most popular one on this blog is my post on Italian cult comedy Super Fuzz. I suspect folks are hitting the blog via image searches for Terence Hill and/or Julie Gordon because they were both super hot in that film, not to mention Ernest Borgnine.

Thanks again to Thoughts All Sorts! This was fun. I’ll be back Friday with an exposé on the greatest trick Roger Corman ever played on the video store obsessed public….at least, it was the greatest one he pulled on me. Bye for now!